Sonja Bachmayer: “To me nature is a source of mental power which has inspired me since my childhood”

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Sonja Bachmayer.@Sonja Bachmayer

How did You come up with an idea with mirrors? Do they have any special meaning in your life?

I´ve always been looking for a new approach to landscape photography.  The work of a young French photographer who uses different kinds of light installations to show the “landscape” in a totally different way has been a major source of inspiration for me. The mirror allows nature to play an active role as the reflecting pane of the mirror creates sculptures in the landscape.


All Your photographs of “Landscape in a Mirror” were created  with the help of a real mirror, which size is 100×70 cm. Is it Your  mirror? Has this mirror any particular story? Tell us about it.

Yes, it is my own mirror, a friend of mine got it for me at a second-hand shop. Its size is ideal. It is easy to transport in the  car and not too heavy to carry. In each photo my friend is out of view  behind the mirror holding the medium up and adjusting it to the right  position with great patience until the motive and the reflection are perfect.




You were one of the winner of Sony World Photography Award, which  is leading global photographic awards program. Can I say that nature  is important in Your life?

To me nature is a source of mental power which has inspired me since  my childhood.



Your photographs are very magical. Who or what inspires You for  this magic?

In my opinion it is of major importance that a photograph does not  only picture an object but also conveys something magical. It is not  possible to give an exact definition of what this is. I can just feel  it when a picture has got it. It has been a great experience for me to  discover that a mirror in the landscape creates an almost surrealistic  world in its reflection. The magical aspect may be that what we cannot  see at the moment – that is the rear view – can be captured in the photograph. “However, this mirror shows neither truth nor knowledge. There have  been people who were overwhelmed by the mirror, infatuated by what  they saw, but others have gone mad not knowing if what they saw in the   mirror was real or even possible”, explained Albus Dumbledore,  Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to his pupil Harry Potter.




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