How folioPORT works?

A large number of internationally reputed gallerists, curators of museums, galleries, festivals, publishers, picture editors have been invited to review photographers’ works on folioPORT. The list of experts is still growing.

Photographers’ participation evolves as follows:


Stage 1Submission = Online Registration + Emailing of Works.
FromĀ  1 July to September 15 (extended to) 15 October, 2013, 23:59 GMT+3

Photographers visit, complete the registration form and email it along with of a series of up to 12 photographs, a short cv / bio and an artistic statement as requested in registration form before the deadline.


Stage 2Confirmation of Participation & Participant Fee Payment.
Anytime during the submission period.

Shortly after submitting the registration form, photographers will receive a reply from FolioPORT with confirmation or receipt of reservation and payment details. In exceptional cases, if works presented do not respond to standards of artistic and technical quality, photographers will be advised to present a material of the quality corresponding to the caliber of reviewers. folioPORT is a non-commercial project, aiming to connect emerging artists and image professionals. Even if all photographers, regardless of their age, nationality, themes, styles of their photography, are welcome to share their series work on folioPORT, we invite beginners to take this opportunity seriously. folioPORT is not a social network for the first shots…

  • 39 EUR – Gift price (applicable for participants of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR face to face portfolio reviews 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • 59 EUR – Premium (report with statistics on votes, structure of votes by profiles, geography of reviewers provided after completion of reviews’ period)

A fee is paid for every body of work / set of 12 images presented.


Stage 3 – Upload of Portfolios. On Receipt of Participant Fee.

When payment received, the portfolios are uploaded to the folioPORT platform, indexed and ready to be reviewed.
Last portfolios uploaded and validated for reviews when participant fee payments received not later than 15 October, 2013

List of participating photographers and names of their submitted series will be growing following the reception of submissions on public pages.


Stage 4folioPORT On-Line Reviews.
From 23 September until 30 November, 2013.

By the beginning of the reviews period, all invited experts receive instructions, passwords to review the photographers’ portfolios. The experts receive mid-term and pre-deadline reminders about the completion of reviews and voting on the portfolios before the closing date.


Stage 5 – The Results. Announcement of folioPORT 2013 TOP 20 Photographers and Prizes.
10 December, 2013


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