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kaunas photo 2013_200px

KAUNAS PHOTO hosted an exhibition of Sekiguchi Hiroto in the 2014 edition of the festival.

Sekiguchi_Hiroto-Living in Online_011

Sekiguchi Hiroto (Japan) “Living Online”


PhotoIreland showed the projections of  folioPORT 2013 “Top-20” in the festival program in 2014 in Dublin.
Discover the photographers & their works > here <.

Thanks to Ángel Luis González, PhotoIreland Director!


B & B Gallery, Bielsko Biala, Poland

Artist, wanted by B&B gallery (Bielsko Biala, Poland) > Beth Yarnelle Edwards (USA).

Edwards_BethYarnelle_Invited In_12
Beth Yarnelle Edwards
(USA) “Invited In”


Sam Barzilay has selected and exhibited Donatas Stankevičius’ “Old Drivers” (Lithuania) at  Photoville 2014.

Donatas_Stankevicius_Old_drivers_5Donatas Stankevičius (Lithuania) “Old Drivers”

Kaunas Photo festival

KAUNAS PHOTO festival, Lithuania.

Monographic publication of Katerina Mistal‘s work “Mapping Europe”. The book planned for September 2015.

Katerina Mistal – “Mapping Europe” from folioPORT on Vimeo.

Katerina Mistal (Sweden) “Mapping Europe”


his District 5 bid this week. Six of the council’s nine members are running for re election. The council’s elections are nonpartisan. District 1: Shannon Braddock, Pavel Goberman, Lisa Herbold, Chas Redmond, Arturo Robles, Jody Rushmer, Phillip Tavel, Brianna Thomas, Karl Wirsing Two incumbent Metropolitan King County Council members are running unopposed: Larry Gosset, who represents much of Seattle, and Joe McDermott, who represents Vashon Island and parts of Seattle, Burien, SeaTac and Tukwila. The other two county council districts in play this year are contested. Jeanne Kohl Welles, currently a Democratic state senator, and Rufe Orr have filed to take over District 4 from Larry Phillips, who’s retiring. District 4 covers Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood and a swath of the city’s northwest. Claudia Balducci, currently the mayor of Bellevue, is challenging incumbent Jane Hague in District 6, which takes in Bellevue and other parts of the Eastside. The county council’s elections are nonpartisan
of a woman by her husband’s sperms (when his sperm count is low) is another practice which might be right in some situations, but again the practices surrounding it or prompted by it can go well into the realm of the unethical. For example, way has been opened up for Artificial Insemination of a woman by a donor other than her husband (this will be done in the case where the husband is not in a position of providing sperms for one reason or other). Then there is Surrogate Motherhood where a woman bears a child for a second woman for medical or even trivial reasons. The sperms come from the husband of that woman who is not able to or willing to go through the process of childbearing. All these practices raise a number of unavoidable questions. A child is the result of a sexual union between a man and his woman, and thus a result of ultimate love. Is it proper and without consequences if we replace this act of love with mechanical activities which have no connection with a sexual union. Now even if
proposto e per l’affidabilità riconosciuta delle persone che lo guidano.” Stefano Sbarzaglia, direttore commerciale di Vredestein Apollo Italia, ha illustrato la nuova gamma dei prodotti e gli ampliamenti della stessa programmati a breve termine, le strategie di comunicazione e la impegnativa attività di marketing per offrire un valido supporto allo sviluppo del brand ed al suo posizionamento sul mercato italiano, che vuole essere in sintonia con l’obiettivo di Apollo: divenire un’azienda riconosciuta tra i Leader mondiali. GruppoGemini, nelle persone di Antonio Andreucci e Giuseppe Cirillo, ha ribadito di essere in sintonia con le strategie di Apollo, che dovrà avere un ruolo di riferimento per lo sviluppo dei propri programmi strategici, per creare una reale e solida partnership e non Cheap NFL Jerseys Outlet limitarsi ad un semplice accordo commerciale. Nelle prossime settimane a tutte le aziende di GruppoGemini verranno inviati i primi importanti rifornimenti per mettere a disposizione
hallway, wondering how he was able to get the ball to the plate with his leg stuck out straight, his hand cuffed behind his back and his head tilted at an impossible angle. Lincecum was not aware of Hubbell’s claim to fame, however striking out five consecutive Hall of Famers in the 1934 All Star Game. I remembered Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx. Al Simmons and Joe Cronin were the others. Those first three impressed Lincecum enough. Lincecum probably won’t be a Hall of Famer someday. His career peak was dizzying, but too brief. For most of the baseball loving nation, he’ll go down in memory as a Dwight Gooden, Fernando Valenzuela Ron Guidry or Vida Blue someone who, at their best, dominated the consciousness of baseball. Here in San Francisco, of course, he’s a much bigger deal. He’s made more difficult plays there this season than I can remember over the previous two or three years. I wouldn have described him as any better than average. Now he clearly a tick above. Posey made
calories or affect blood sugar. Resistant maltodextrin is also used as a food additive, but it fulfills different roles than regular maltodextrin does. For example, it helps improve the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. Improved Gut Health Resistant maltodextrin is fermented by good bacteria in your large intestine, which produces energy and helps keep the acid base balance in the best range for the intestine to work properly. It ferments at a slower pace than soluble fiber, so you less likely to experience side effects such as gas, reports ADM Specialty Food Ingredients. Resistant maltodextrin may help keep you regular by increasing stool bulk. It also supports the growth of good bacteria. If you not active enough to burn all the calories, maltodextrin supplements can lead to weight gain. Regular maltodextrin also has a high glycemic index rating, which means it can spike your blood sugar. While more research is needed in human
. Eugenicists argued that society paid a high price by allowing the birth of defective individuals who would have to be cared for by the state. Sterilization of one defective adult could save future generations thousands of dollars. Eugenics was seen as a way to solve all of these combined problems because it placed the cause in the defective genetics of individuals and ethnic groups, and not in the structure of society itself. Eugenics used the cover of science to blame the victims for their own problems. Eugenicists seemed to have the weight fake cheap oakleys of rigorous, quantitative, and thus scientific evidence on their side. To those with economic and social power and filled with the new spirit of scientific planning, eugenicists appeared to offer a rational and efficient approach of treating social problems. Further, eugenicist argued that "defectives" should be prevented from breeding, through custody in asylums or compulsory sterilization
similar to a dog. As a pet, they are very playful and enjoy spending a lot of quality time with their owner. Even the simple act of spending time Authenitc Dougie Hamilton Jersey Authenitc Chris Kelly Jersey in Elite Patrice Bergeron Jersey their owner pocket throughout the day is an enjoyable and affectionate experience. Also similar to dogs, they can be taught tricks. They are very clean, like cats, and want their Elite Tuukka Rask Jersey living environment free of waste. Authenitc Black Elite White Chris Kelly Jersey Marc Savard Jersey Unlike cats, they cannot be trained to use Elite Gold Patrice Bergeron Jersey a litter box. But, similar to canine Elite Patrice Bergeron Jersey companions they will signal their Authenitc Gold Jeremy Lauzon Jersey owner when it time to go, once properly trained. Elite Gold Bobby Orr Jersey Gliders also have a bad reputation as being a smelly pet. A neutered glider Youth Bobby Orr Jersey that is fed a proper Authenitc White Jeremy Lauzon Jersey pet diet will not have offensive odors. Proper diets for pet gliders are Kid Patrice Bergeron Jersey lower in Men Marc Savard Jersey Kid Tuukka Rask Jersey protein and sweets, which tend to be the culprit for odors, while Authenitc White Jeremy Lauzon Jersey providing proper nutrition. When properly socialized, gliders rarely bite. If they do, the bite is like a hard pinch, unlike Women Bobby Orr Jersey other small pets such as hamsters and gerbils with very sharp teeth that can break the skin. Many of the negative
gain a higher ranking as Luke Kuechly is a dominant force in the NFL amongst linebackers. This jersey symbolizes a player and organization hard work ethics and passion to servicing fans and deliver the upmost high and authentic Women Chris Kelly Jersey apparel. Youth Reilly Smith Jersey Get the Luke Kuechly jersey and be amazed of the difference Youth Marc Savard Jersey that takes place in your every day social engagement. Others will see your vision of on the rise mentality and support for the team and organization that brings high quality football season after season. When it boils down to it there is no comparison to the talent that Luke Kuechly brings to the table for his team and for that his jersey is on the rise as to gaining higher ranking in online stores that carry this item. So cease the opportunity to have one of the most valued linebacker jersey in your closet Winning the defensive player of the year award for two years straight Luke Kuechly is bound to branch and show his talents in his prime stages. A leader defensively for the Carolina Panthers
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