folioport 2015 TOP-25

The third edition of on-line portfolio reviews in 2015 were marked by growth. In total, 160 portfolios that were submitted by photographers from 35 countries.

Photography curators, publishers, picture editors from the 4 corners of the globe – Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, have spent their time reviewing on and casting their votes.
Initially, more than 50 had been committed to review & vote, but some were unable to review for serious reasons. The statistics indicates that 45 reviewers have voted for works they reviewed.

Every year, publishes the list of TOP-20 artists, but the edition of 2015 was particular in several respects. For the first time, did not offer immediate exposure opportunities in other than within the context of KAUNAS PHOTO festival. Nonetheless, the number of received portfolios was unmatched. Secondly, a number of artists proposing more than one series has grown. No surprise, that several artists made it to the top with two of their presented series.

Since the TOP listing is meant to celebrate the personalities and the names of the artists, adding the factor of very close neighborhood in the listing (1-2 points in difference), several extra persons were accepted into the TOP list, making it TOP-25.

The 2015 TOP-25 list follows.



Jennifer THORESON (USA) “Testament”



Viktoria SOROCHINSKI (Canada-Germany) “Silent Dialogs”. One more Top position for “Daddy”



Alexander KRACK (Germany) “Treatment”



Guillermo SRODEK-HART (Argentina) “Stories”


Delphine_SCHACHER_ Eclipse_plumage_09

Delphine SCHACHER (Switzerland) “Eclipse Plumage”



Adrien TACHE (France) “Photografrika. A profession on the razor’s edge”


White Elephants: Mobutu’s Legacy in DRC

Colin DELFOSSE (Belgium) “White Elephants”



Eglė MĖLINAUSKIENĖ (Lithuania) “Diagnosis”



SHILO GROUP (Ukraine) “Euromaidan”


Holyoke-Boy Crying

Steve HART (USA) “HolyOke”


Gianluca MICHELETTI_sandland_11

Gianluca MICHELETTI (Italy) “Sandland – Sharm El Sheikh”



Ikuru KUWAJIMA (Japan-Russia) “A School for Nenets”. One more Top position for “Within the Wind of Spirits”



Hye-Ryoung MIN (Korea-Germany) “Yeonsoo”



Graham MILLER (Australia) “Waiting for a Miracle”



Jordi PERDIGO (Spain-Finland) “Ashura in Iran”



Olga ASTRATOVA (Latvia) “In this Fantasy World”



Mikhail PALINCHAK (Ukraine) “Euromaidan Revolution”



Dace VOITKEVICA (Latvia) “Ice Breaking”


manuel COSENTINO_Behind_a_little_house_07

Manuel COSENTINO (Italy) “Behind a Little House”



Eugenijus BARZDŽIUS (Lithuania) “Harvest of Wetland”


Wawrzyniec KOLBUSZ_Sacred Defense_Fake War _02

Wawrzyniec KOLBUSZ (Poland) “Sacred Defence”


Green Channel

Alexandra SOLDATOVA (Belarus) “Green Channel”


Viet Van Tran_General Huy_Personality_04

Viet Van Tran (Vietnam) “General Huy”



Arthur BONDAR (Ukraine) “Maidan Criminals”



Werner MANSHOLT (Germany) “Not Unusual”


Thanks to all artists for participation and congratulations for those on the TOP-25 list.
Readers of this page must have two more questions:

What about KAUNAS PHOTO STAR?… artists selected for KAUNAS PHOTO 2015?

For answers, follow the link to the festival web page >>

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