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The best of, on-line portfolio reviews, 2013 edition
Thanks to 48 photography curators, publishers, picture editors from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, who spent their time reviewing on and voting on portfolios, we are more than happy to present the results of the best we’ve seen this year.

Image, Surname, Name. The list is alphabetical and does not reflect the ratings.

..Sonja Bachmayer "Landscape in Mirror""
Bachmayer Sonja
(Austria) – “Landscape in A Mirror”

Susan Barnett - "Not In Your Face"
Barnett Susan (USA) – “Not In Your face”

Bieke Depoorter - "In Between"
Depoorter Bieke
(Belgium) / Magnum Photos – “In Between”. Caïro

Beth Yarnelle Edwards - "Suburban Dreams"
Edwards Beth Yarnelle
(USA) – “Suburban Dreams”

Edwards_BethYarnelle_Invited In_01
Edwards Beth Yarnelle
(USA) – “Invited In: Life at Home in Five European Countries”

Maxine Helfman - "Historical Correction"
Helfman Maxine
(USA) – “Historical Correction”

Michel Le Belhomme - "The Blind Beast"
Le Belhomme Michel (France) – “The Blind Beast”

David Lykes Leenan - "Fair Witness"
Lykes Keenan David
(USA) – “Fair Witness”


Michenaud Gregory (France-Poland) – “Minorities.PL”

Katerina Mistal - "Mapping Europe"
Mistal Katerina
(Sweden) – “Mapping Europe”. (Nida, Lithuania)

Halfway To Midland
Newberry Nancy
(USA) – “Halfway To Midland”

Harri Palviranta - "News Portraits"
Pälviranta Harri
(Finland) – “News Portraits (School Shooters)”

PUTPUT - "Assembly"
(Denmark) “Assembly”

Egor Rogalev - "Synchronicity"
Rogalev Egor
(Russia) – “Synchronicity”

Sekiguchi Hiroto - "Living Online"
Sekiguchi Hiroto
(Japan) – “Living in Online”

Titus Simoens - "See, Blue"
Simoens Titus
(Belgium) – “Blue, See”

Not Even Something
Stakle Alnis
(Latvia) – “Not Even Something”

Andrejs Strokins "People in the Dunes"
Strokins Andrejs
(Latvia) – “People in the Dunes”

Catrine Val - "Philosophers"
Val Catrine
(Germany) – “Philosophers”

Bertrand Zaza "Cool Places"

Zaza Bertrand (Belgium) – “Cool Places”


Congratulations to all photographers / artists !

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