F. A. Q.

Here come several most asked subjects about folioPORT.org.

Can I submit more than one portfolio?

Yes, you can. In the structure of reviews, each portfolio of up to 12 images is presented in the list, each portfolio has its own title and keywords for internal search, facilitating the work for reviewers.

When a portfolio is opened by a reviewer, it has an intro text, containing the artistic statement and artist information, thumbnail mode of all images and a window for each image. Reviewers go into every portfolio separately. The votes are attributed to every single portfolio separately, regardless if multiple portfolios are signed by the same name.

Consequently, photographers can submit an unlimited number of portfolios, but have to pay participation fee for every submitted portfolio.

Why folioPORT.org reviews take place in a private environment, inaccessible for photographers and the general public? 

Since folioPORT.org has features of a competition and the experts rate the works, all the portfolios are presented uniformly (same content – up to 12 jpg images, intro text, short bio, contacts) with no extra content, such as additional visual materials, social icons, etc. Therefore, both works of well known photographers and those of emerging ones, or even beginners who enter their works and area approved for reviews, are stripped of any persuasive values. Numbers of “Likes”, visible comments and other types of content might be misleading in making personal evaluations.
Consequently, expert’s evaluations of portfolios that depend on their backgrounds, tastes and preferences, are more objective and not influenced by anything else but images and the textual information.

How can I be sure my work is featured? How does the reviewer’s interface look like?

During the time of reviews, artists get screenshots of their portfolios.
Here are the screenshots of all the 4 reviewing modes (list, textual info, thumbs, full size image):
List or portfolios >

FolioPORT Screen shot-list-w

Portfolio info >

FolioPORT Screen shot-info-w

Thumbnails >

FolioPORT Screen shot-thumbs-w

Full-size image / review mode. Voting enabled after having seen the info and the 4th image

FolioPORT Screen shot-fullscreen-w


Are reviewers free to choose which work to review?

It is not about the choice, it is about reviewing the totality of works. Professionals who come to review obviously do not do it for curiosity only. They work and look for material for their projects. Therefore folioPORT.org offers them a search tool, so that if they look for particular subjects, they can filter them by a variety of aspects and keywords and see in seconds what concerns their search.

Statistics – what does that include?

When reviewing stops, folioPORT.org can provide some valuable data for every photographer’s portfolio.

The totality of experts’ votes for a portfolio do not represent the truth about ultimate value of the work, but provide an objective overview of evaluation of a portfolio by a target group of photography practitioners: curators, editors, gallery owners, publishers, available to see on the list of a particular competition.

The stats include the total number of votes, compared to the top voted portfolio, segregation of ratings, provided by reviewers (number of top votes, etc), types of activity, geography of experts giving the best and good votes and a number of other cross-sections.

How many people will review the work?

In the folioPORT’s tryout year, in 2012,  some reviewers did not review everything, a few did not log in.
This year we invited to continue reviewing those who reviewed and rated all portfolios, plus new people who were interested in reviewing. Please refer to the list of reviewers and feel confident that the vast majority of them will have seen your work.

Why do I need to receive the confirmation email before making the fee transfer?

The primary intention of folioPORT.org is to be an efficient platform of exchange between photographers and experts. This implies that the works presented must match the quality of reviewers. They are spending their precious time hoping to discover new works, which are very welcome. In rare cases, submissions to folioPORT.org propose works that demonstrate insufficient artistic, technical, editorial quality. Or sometimes, a portfolio is a just a set of unrelated images. In such cases, entrants are kindly asked to later resubmit works that will match requirements of higher artistic, technical, editorial, conceptual qualities.


We have a few testimonies of reviewers >> that reveal their impressions of the 2012 edition.
Please refer to the list of reviewers >>.

More questions?
Submit YOUR question to submit@folioport.org

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