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says there is plenty of support for gun rights in the Legislature. bipartisan gun rights coalition in Olympia is strong, Gottlieb wrote in an email. Federal law requires people buying guns from licensed dealers, whether at a store, online or at gun shows, to pass a background check. But people buying guns through private sales, through classified ads or from an unlicensed dealer at a gun show, are not
Cheap jerseys from China required to take a background check. I 594 mandates that the buyer and seller take the transaction to a licensed gun dealer, who can conduct a background check on the buyer. The initiative is worded so that transfers of guns, like a trade instead of a purchase, also require a background check. Opponents of I 594 argue that the proposal language on what constitutes a gun transfer is so strict that it would criminalize people who hand each other guns in a firearms safety course, for example. Gottlieb has said he intends to press lawmakers to change or scrap I 594 and will possibly file legal

and New York City after the deaths of black men at the hands of white police officers. Despite the heated protests elsewhere, attorneys representing Hall’s family and NAACP members who accompanied Hall’s mother, Catherine Daniels, stressed on Wednesday that the Miami Gardens shooting seemed less about race and more about police not dealing well with the mentally ill. Eric Pettus, an executive board member for the NAACP in Miami Dade, called for more crisis response training for police officers. "After seeing the video it’s clear to me that the incident was avoidable," he said. "This was a call that was a mental health issue." Hall was shot dead by Trimino in the early hours of Feb. 15, after Daniels awoke to find her son outside in the cold almost naked and waving a broomstick. Frightened, she called police, who a week earlier had escorted the schizophrenic Hall to a nearby mental hospital. Police said that when they encountered Hall the morning he died, he was agitated

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