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NFL jerseys china of course we cannot completely rule out the emission of toxic gases, since we don know when the window was opened. The doctor added that strangulation, or a strike on the head, are both possibilities that could explain her death. It is difficult to make out what really happened when the trade union building was attacked. According to several witnesses, who were cited by Russian media outlets, people were and beaten with bats inside the building. They accuse pro Kiev nationalist radicals. These testimonies are unverifiable, since none of the videos that have emerged up until now show this. However, this version of events has been relayed by Internet users who claim the video below supports their theory. At 0 minutes, you can hear a woman scream; later, at 2 someone waves a Ukrainian flag out of one of the building windows. Some believe this proves the pro Kiev ultranationalists committed violence acts; others say the flag could have been waved by pro Russians seeking to discredit their enemies. Ukrainian

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